February Preview #1: Ariadna Tankhunter

The Tankhunter with autocannon is one of the best selling models in the entire range of Infinity. Yet, it pales next to the newly released Tankhunter with AP HMG. It is perhaps one of the most striking ways to show how much CB has grown in the last couple of years. The Tankhunter Autocannon is a great sculpt, and showing its sales numbers, it shows many adore the model on its own. But this new bad boy.. is much more crisp, detailed, fresh, almost like it’s living.

The Kazak sectorial is turning out to become on of the slickest looking sectorials within Infinity! 🙂


Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

Infinity enthusiast and longtime cyberpunk fan. Also enjoys some good quality tea and Thai food. Runs Data Sphere together with Arachas.

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