Data-Sphere Intel: Dire States Document Leaked!

Last night we met with our contact on a dark and rainy parking lot. The coughing man in the raincoat handed us a little data-stick and told us many Hexahedron agents died to bring you this information. These highly classified documents are now in the hands of Data Sphere and we publish them for the people! Schermafdruk 2015-03-02 16.21.05 Schermafdruk 2015-03-02 16.21.25 Schermafdruk 2015-03-02 16.29.11

We’re working hard to bring you more information as we speak! Until then; stay tuned to our channels to keep up with the latest news! It looks like the Dire States Council is up to something big!

Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

Infinity enthusiast and longtime cyberpunk fan. Also enjoys some good quality tea and Thai food. Runs Data Sphere together with Arachas.

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10 Responses

  1. Michael K says:

    Hmmm. Honestly, I must voice my disappointment.

    As a warcor, and speaking with my fellow warcors in the area, none of us had any knowledge of such an organization being put together, or such a document of Dire States Requirements being put together. The opportunity to provide input to these guidelines would have been appreciated, as we have had a Dire States event long in planning, and now we may be forced to abandon the Dire States name based upon these requirements, which is a shame, as our event is clearly in the spirit of the original.

    • Claudius Sol says:

      What are you lacking? Most of those requirements should be very easy to get. If you’re relying on the Dire States name to promote your event, that’s what this document is telling you is prohibited, as that is against the spirit of a Dire States.

  2. G says:

    Mike, abandoning the name “Dire States’ from your event isn’t really gonna affect your event is it? If the “Dire States” label does influence the attendance, the criteria doesn’t look too stiff.

  3. Michael K says:

    Money/time spent developing badges, getting prize stuff ready, etc. all that has a name that does not meet the naming conventions. Seems like a silly reason not to be able to run an event as a Dire states event.

    G: no its not really a big deal to drop the Dire States label. That is likely what we will do. But the event was very deliberately set up with the Dire States event spirit in mind.

  4. markyr says:

    Any plan for expansion of the principles to an international audience?

    The social side sounds great and i know is in action in some of the UK (Exeter) events already.

    If only my missus could be convinced to move for a few years. SanFran was to windy, NYC too worky and my other choices ‘not suitable’? Her choice was Miami (she thinks good weather all year round – and didn’t like to hear about typical storms).

  5. markyr says:

    Prize support is likely to be easier than you expect – just ask around.

    The badge bit i understand, but the cost of manufacturing is relatively low – and I’m sure you (as a group) know someone able to design one. I’m happy to do an initial sketch for you if you want.

  6. Azrael says:

    Can I ask this of the community right now?

    Let’s table this for now.

    Let us (the Dire States founders) take concerns to heart and go back into planning.

    We are REALLY excited for the future of Dire States and we want everyone else to be excited about it too.

    Please, please, please, stop arguing about it and have faith that we’re attempting to do what best for our vision and we really want to make something awesome that we all can enjoy.

    I love this community and I hate seeing something I’m a part of be this divisive.


  7. markyr says:

    Azrael – i don’t see the above as arguing or divisive – i have a simple query about it being international and Michael has some more queries about a specific event probably best discussed in detail with some of the dire States founders such as yourself.

    The comment about badge design was genuine,I’m very happy to sketch something up if asked.

    Dire States look great – best of luck with all future events.

    • Scorch says:

      Dire States is America-only as far as I know. Not saying similar set-ups can’t pop-up in Europe or Australia. 😉
      Azrael’s comment is an exact copy of his comment over at a very argumentative thread over at the Official Forums, and is such not directed to you personally. 😉

  8. E-Warden says:

    All of the above sounds great for developing an event.

    The naming convention sounds too limiting. Many areas may have great names that would never see the light of day due to these restrictions.

    Why control the names in such a way restricting the creative process?

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