Alkasyn’s Homebrew Campaign – Mission #3 – Feint

During our last routine patrol we have received an emergency call from one of the monitoring stations. Station 12-AX1C has registered an increased activity of the Enemy, on a scale not seen since the Christmas Offensive. Brother-Captain Ackerman has immediately ordered our unit to rendezvous with the QRF en-route to the site. We knew, however, that before they arrived, we would have to rely on our powered armour and our unshakable faith in the Almighty first, and in the reinforcements second. Spreading out to maintain a marching pattern, we started toward the complex. As we were coming closer to the site, Brother von Dauer started the analysis of the biosignatures of the Bogies that we thought were still in the AO. The Echos returned as non-red. However unlikely it was that we would be dealing with camouflaged Enemy Killers, I assumed it was wiser not to provoke the unidentified force to open fire. Their Commander approached me alone, careful not to touch the antiquated looking rifle slung on his shoulder. (…) The counter strike of the Enemy lasted until the arrival of the QSR. Although he paid a tribute in blood for every foot of land his soldiers set their boots on, it did not shaken his resolve. More and more infernal hordes came screeching toward our positions. The Haqqislamites fought valiantly alongside us, shoulder to shoulder, as a brother would. Interesting to note that their faith, although misguided and different to the True Faith, gave them that much strength to fight on. The reports on the Hassassin Society and what they accomplished that I read in the library of the Chapter seem much more realistic now. (…) Brother von Ackerman has attached our unit to the Haqqislami strikeforce. We are to advance with them them toward the Chengling Installation. The Data acquired during the skirmish with the Enemy informs us about a possible FOB in that area. We are to eliminate any hostiles, acquire more data explaining the reasons of the activity of the Enemy and help our allies by any means at our disposal. Deus Vult!

– Fragments of a log kept by Brother von Baumberg, June 07, 2189, Strelsau, Paradiso.


Both players use 300 points to build their forces. You are also allowed to purchase an Operator, who continues the campaign with the accumulated EXP points. Before the mission you can also recruit from the following units, paying the appropriate points cost, as if recruiting them from a general Pan Oceania force: Order Sergeant – AVA 3, Konstantinos – AVA 1, Magister Knight – AVA 1, Knight Hospitallier – AVA 1, Kamau – AVA 1, Bagh-Mari – AVA 1, Trauma-Doc – AVA 1 and Machinist – AVA 1. Any troop profile can be bought, but those mercenaries cannot be the Lieutenant of the force. They are also not allowed to form Link Teams. Both the Combined Army and the Tohaa forces can recruit these additional units. In the first case, for story purposes we treat them as units that have been sepsitorized, possessing no sepsitor benefits, and in the second case as sleeping Triumvirate agents or mercenaries. If the player has bought any Nomad units in the previous mission and they have survived the battle (also through a MEDEVAC or a CUBEVAC roll), the same units (although with possibly different loadouts) can be bought again, paying the appropriate points cost. If the Nomads have not been recruited however, the window of opportunity is lost, and the player cannot recruit them anymore.


The battle is taking place in the city of Chengling, already besieged by the Combined Army. The city is full of destroyed cars and infrastructure, there is a lot of rubble on the streets. You can see some barricades raised hastily by the human defenders.

Before Depoyment but after choosing sides, 9 Victim markers are placed on the table, using the following rules:  roll 2 dice – the single digit of one of the dice shows the direction of scatter, the single digit on the other shows the distance. The “1” on the template points 4 times toward Player A’s table edge, and 4 times toward that of Player B. While rolling for the dispersion, you have to remember that the Victims cannot land outside of the table – in such a case, both dice are re-rolled. The first of the Victims is placed in the centre of the table. The Victims can be placed on rooftops or on the ground level, in each case it is up to the player at whom the “1” on the template was aimed at during the roll.


Quick Reaction Force: Each of the players can, free of charge, add the Mechanized Deployment rule to: any 4 Infantry models, any two 40mm/50mm Remotes or one TAG model. It is also possible to take 2 Infantry models and a Remote. If some other models in the army already possess this skill, it is assumed that the Commander uses two different vehicles to transport his force – it is not necessary to put the Quick Raction Force within 8 inches of the regular Mechanized Deployment forces.

Casualties of the War: The bodies of dead and wounded from the previous engagements liter the streets of the city. Yu Jing citizens – civilians, as well as soldiers, have made the enemy pay a high price for entering the city, but they have sacrificed much as well. The recon mission quickly turns into a recovery one, when the Commander finds out that the rear-guard of the Combined Army is making sure there will be no survivors of the attack.

Before Deployment, the players chose the roles of Attacker and Defender. The Attacker will always go first. The Attacker needs to make sure there are no remaining witnesses by performing a special type of Coup d’Grace that will destroy the Cube of the Victim. It is done by spending a long skill that requires the model to be in base contact with a Victim. No roll is necessary. The Defender, however, needs to stabilize the Victims by performing a WIP test in base contact with a Victim. Only Specialists can attempt to stabilize the victims – Hackers can try to perform the test using Repeaters and also within their Zone of Control. However, if they opt to do that, 1 single enemy hacker can oppose this roll, turning it into a Face-to-Face roll. This special ARO does not require Line of Sight, the Attacker chooses which of his elligible units performs it. Stabilised/Coup d’Graced models are removed from the table and cannot be interacted with anymore.


Captive: Someone needs to explain what is going on. You should capture an enemy unit alive for interrogation. The enemy unit is considered Captured by the enemy if, at the end of the game, it is not Dead and is in one or more of the following states: Possessed, Sepsitorised, Immobilized, Disabled or Stunned. Any model could be the captive, as long as it can entered, and has entered one of the aforementioned states.

The Task Force is carrying non-lethal ammunition. Each model using a MULTI weapon can use the Stun ammunition, as per the rules found in Campaign: Paradiso. Additionally, each model carrying a weapon with special ammunition, such as a Viral Combi or AP Rifle can choose to replace the integrated ammunition for Stun ammo. That choice is done during Deployment and cannot be reversed for the duration of the battle.

Specialist: In this mission, Hackers, Engineers, Forward Observers, Doctors, Paramedics and Chain of Command units are considered Specialists. Unless specified otherwise, Repeaters and G:Servants can be used to perform the mission objectives. Doctors and Paramedics, due to their training, receive a +3 Mod to the WIP roll on the Victims. That modifier is applied to a Doctor using a G:Servant.


„Target secured”
Depending on the role – either killing or stabilizing the Victims. – 1 Victory Point for each Victim. Max 6 points.

„The Oracle of Dodona”
Securing a captive – having a Possessed, Sepsitorized, Immobilized, Disabled or Stunned enemy unit at the end of the game. – 2 Victory Points

„The Prisoner of Calypso”
Acquiring Intel on the enemy, done by performing a WIP test in base to base with an Unconscious enemy unit by a Specialist.2 Victory Points


The mission ends after 3 turns. If any of the players is in Retreat!, the mission ends that game turn, after both players have played their turns.


The Spec Ops uses the advancement rules from Campaign:Paradiso. If he dies and the MEDEVAC and CUBEVAC rolls are failed, the next Spec Ops has half the EXP points of the fallen one. The EXP points can be used to buy new skills for the Spec Ops or new Command and Control options. Models that exit the table due to Retreat! Rules, do not have to roll for MEDEVAC or CUBEVAC are considered alive and well.


Two shots to the body, one to the head. Reload. You move to the next one. Two shots to the torso, 1 to the head. At the edge of your vision, you can see some movement. A survivor? You stop. You turn to face the movement. You holster your pistol and crouch behind some rubble. You take the rifle from your back and put the scope to your eye. You scan the street. It was no mistake. 3 targets approach. You set your cross-hair on the forehead of the middle one. You squeeze the trigger. Nothing happens. You press it again. Instead of the enjoyable adrenalin rush you start feeling pain. It spreads from the back of your neck. Down, to your heart. Your last sight is that of the masked face of your killer, dislodging his dagger from your back.
      – Cube entry from a unit designated as HAIDUK, June 09, 2189, Chengling ,Paradiso.

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