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The Merovingian nation covers a region of gentle hills, fertile forests and mountainous borders, with a beauty true to the planet’s name; Dawn. Despite the beauty of the landscape, it has a dangerous lack of natural resources and the openness of the terrain makes the Merovingian nation very attractive to hostile Antipodes. The Merovingian culture therefore became one of trade and communication.

Merovingia is a worthwhile area to live in, but weakness can easily mean certain death. The lack of natural resources caused the Merovingians to unite very quickly as it would only increase their chances of survival. Only constant contact between all the Merovingian settlements would make them able to help each other. Therefore communication and trade quickly became a cornerstone of Merovingian culture.

Because of the location of Merovingia, locked between USAriadna in the east, Caledonia in the north and Rodina in the east and south, the nation established itself as the trading nexus of Ariadna, proud to offer any product found on the planet.

Every great trade route passes through the city of Marianebourg, the City of Five Bridges, the Merovingian capital. The city has the greatest economic and population growth in Ariadna and there is not a single company on Ariadna that hasn’t got a delegation in Mariannebourg.

Because of its status as a tradenexus the city also became the trade port of Ariadna and quickly Nomad Trading missions and Haqqislamite caravansaries touched ground in the Mariannebourg. Many citizens of those nations have settled on Ariadna and their numbers grow every day.

The Merovingian spirit looks towards the future, and the Merovingians see the many possibilities beyond the surface of Ariadna. Their ambitions lie in the interstellar trade, but their ambitions are cut short by the Cossack’s monopoly of the astroport in Matr.

This has caused some recent tensions, but the Merovingians stay true to their role as mediators of Ariadna. Losing this reputation by stirring things up is something the Merovingians are not willing to allow.

The Commercial Conquest

The location of Merovingia is unfortunate as they are locked between all the other nations of Ariadna. The only way to expand is the hostile Antipode territory, and resources are scarce. The location did prove to be vital during the shaping of Merovingian culture, as their only options were trade.

But trade and communication both need safe routes and connections, and the Merovingians took it upon themselves to provide Ariadna with fast and safe traderoutes, protected from Antipodes as well as other nations. This connected the various towns settlements and territories. While the other nations were focussed on expanding their territory and defending their borders against the Antipode natives of Dawn, the Merovingians crossed borders and brought isolated areas into contact with the rest of Ariadna. The Merovingian trade agents were established during this period; part explorer, part merchant, part ambassador and sometimes spies and adventurers. They paved the ways for many trade companie and territorial consolidation. The necessity to survive drove the Merovingians to tremendous efforts to create trade, progress and safety.

The Merovingians put themselves to the test in the harsh and dangerous conditions of Dawn.

For some small and isolated towns many of the trade agents became the sole link to the rest of Ariadna.

Ariadna owes much to the brave endeavours of the Merovingians, as they are the only ones that created and fleshed out maps of Ariadna, opening up trade routes that criss-cross across the country which made Ariadna a nation, instead of scattered groups of ethnic groups.

But those accomplishments weren’t selfless. They were undertaken out of necessity to survive the harsh environment of Dawn. While Merovingia had no way to go in terms of explorations and territorial conquest the Merovingians conquest was a commercial one. Where the trade agents went, the militia of the Merovingians would soon follow. Their presence didn’t imply conquest through domination, but it implied they were the first to open up the market of Ariadna. With their commercial invasion the Merovingians slowly extended their networks all over Ariadna.

The Merovingian Rapid Response Force

The colonies that were established on Dawn by the great powers of PanOceania and Yu Jing changed Ariadna. These forward posts are the beachheads of foreign governments that have proven themselves during the Commercial Conflict to not abide international law. They still try to establish strongholds in the Neutral Zone and to achieve their objectives by sabotage, assault and intimidation.

These acts of violence and illegal actions are a threat to the commercial interests of Ariadna as they are the nation that benefit the most with stability. Herein lies the special role for the MRRF.

The MRRF is the only corps of its kind on Ariadna. They are the result of the Ariadnan efforts to deal with the necessities of the changing world. The MRRF is structured with a single purpose in mind; to react quickly to any insurgent forces inside Ariandnan territory, and in the Neutral Zone as well.

The MRRF has been designed essentially as a rapid reaction force and usually get into contact with the enemy the first. They are able to react to calls for civilian aid as well, and often act when workers or civilians get in trouble, making them the firemen of the Ariadnan army. They are the primary combat response, immediate reinforcement or extraction force, and in service to the entirety of the Ariadnan population.

As the MRRF fulfills not only a combat operations but peaceful and humanitarian operations as well, they are the single force that is dispatched when a situation becomes unstable. Bringing aid in case of a catastrophe they often protect the settlements from violent Antipode raids, evacuating the citizens in the process. They also are often used to extract Ariadnan forces in the Neutral Zones, if they find themselves with their back against the wall.

The recent Commercial Conflicts and their enduring conflicts have proven the worth of a rapid response force like the MRRF, whose bases are spread throughout Ariadna territories to react to situations as quickly as possible.

Thanks to the interstellar trade connections of Merovingia they have access to many military consulting of the Nomads and Haqqislamic counselors and contractors, which allow the MRRF access to foreign technologies of the Human Sphere.

These, for Ariadnan standards, advanced technologies make the MRRF a force to be reckoned with, often completely in control of a situation due to experience and training, and their well-equipped forces show their expertise in combat as civilian operations.




“Tant qu’il en restera un” (Until there is only one left) Regimental motto of the Troupes Métropolitaines

The Merovingian Militia, officially called the Troupes Métropolitaines de la Défense Nationale and otherwise known as Métros are the line defense of the Merovingian trade routes and outpost.

Established during the Separatist Wars, the Métros were originally tasked with defense of the territory of the Merovingian nation. The Métros were used as an intervention and protection unit mainly to defend the Merovingian borders, which were under constant attack during the Separatist Wars.

The real test for the Métros were the Antipode raids during which the Métros were forced to learn from their mistakes and to adapt to the current situation, a trait not commonly found in units organized for large scale operations. This made the Métros a more flexible unit dedicated to harassment tactics to distract the enemy in order to evacuate the citizens of the Merovingian settlements.


Loup garous


“Le Loup Désire, le Loup Obtient” (What the wolf wants, the wolf gets) Motto of the Loup-Garou.

The Merovingian-Antipode border is the smallest of all Ariadnan nations. This makes their Dogface population relatively small. But because of the Merovingian status as a trade nexus, much of the Ariadnan population travels to and from the Merovingian territories, many Dogfaces temporarily settle within the Merovingian cities and settlements. While most of them are just traveling through, their untamed and furious character can cause serious problems during their nightly alcohol-fueled escapades. If the situation gets out of control, the Loup-Garous step into the fray.

This Special Action unit is a rapid-response force, trained as an anti-riot squad of the Gendarmery. They have a paramilitary nature and are ready to respond to any unrest 24 hours a day. Capable of reaching the crisis situations swiftly they are often the first specialist unit to enter the scene.

They come equipped with special weaponry to detain voilent Dogfaces and will only respond if the police can’t handle the situation. They’ve been the difference between a succesful arrest, and a tragic event multiple times.

4éme de Chasseurs



“Toujours Prêt” (Always Prepared) Motto of the 4th Chasseurs

The Chasseurs is a reconnaissance and special action regiment and are skilled in penetrating the enemy’s positions in total silence.

The Chasseurs proved their worth during the Separatist Wars, where the Merovingians found themselves surrounded by enemies. During this conflict the Chasseurs were responsible for the protection of the borders, to keep control of vital territory and defense of the lines. They specialised in detaining the advance of enemy forces. Their special instinct and unusual preference for armed tactics the Chasseurs provide indispensable capabilities for the Ariadnan military forces.

They are a respected for their qualities and experience the 4éme de Chasseurs are known for baptizing their weapons in French feminine names.




Oeil pour oeil, dent pour dent” (Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth) Regimental motto of the Zouaves.

The second Antipode Offense marked the rebirth of the Zouaves, a mobile intervention and assault force, capable of responding to conflict as fast as possible and crush the enemies with resolution.

The requirements for this force were so high, the Merovingian only entrusted this unit to a select group of volunteers.

The Zouaves were a famous unit in the French military history during the 19th century, that combined the individual glory with the typical displays of military power of that day and age. They were called ‘the best soldiers in the world’.

Although the Zouaves have a tradition on their shoulders, they are worthy heirs to the regimental record. They are known to be reckless, brave and incendiary combatants and they are the heroes of some of Ariadna’s most bloody conflicts. The Zouaves are substance for military legends.

The regiment has seen a lot of action since its creation and their service requires the Zouaves to fight in the severe Ariadnan conditions against some of the most heartless enemies on the planet.

During the Separatist Wars they became know as ferocious storm troops, impressing the enemy with their bravery and earning their respect and, mostly, fear. As ideal storm troopers they are often the first the contact the enemy, and their combative nature and fighting methods are effective and forceful.

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