Terrakami’s Power Generator

Terrakami, known for their awesome trains MKI and MKII, have created another cool asset for Infinity tables; the Terrakami Power Generator.

If you’re planning on an industrial table, the Power Generator is a great piece of terrain. It’s a big, large column, about 9 cm/3,5 inch high and it has a diameter of 8cm/3 inch. Now that’s a big industrial generator, am I right?


I have yet to come across a piece of terrain that was so straight forward to put together, yet looked complex enough to be interesting to assemble. The construction is easy but you will need some glue to put it together. It tends to fall apart if you don’t glue things in place.

What I do like about Terrakami is their almost hairline precision cutting of some of the pieces. The reactor has large raster-like areas, which look really cool, but are quite fragile. Watch out and don’t push your fingers in those areas. It will crush the thin MDF and destroy the nice detailed rasters on the reactor. I think it’s also something to look into while painting the piece. Maybe prep those areas some extra as to not let them soak in too much paint.


The Power Generator – notice the hairline raster!


While the Power Generator isn’t really suited to function as an ITS-objective, it sure makes a great objective for any other objective based mission system for Infinity. YAMS for example, or a homebrew system can make use of these Generators as an objective to sabotage, repair or destroy. So, not only is it a nice piece of scenery, it also has possibilities beyond standing on the table to block line of sight.

With the recent MayaCast episode in mind, where Tom and Kip talked about the upcoming terrain rules (which includes destroying terrain) we expect to see these Power Generators getting more use on the table. What’s better than destroying a piece of scenery and adding certain ramifications to its destruction, like malfunctioning automatic doors. We already know a lot of cool stuff that we can do with them!

All in all

What I like about the generator are the sloped angels. It’s a really solid piece of scenery, durable and the cornered octagonal shape of the generator creates good possibilities for gaining cover. A more rounded shape could definitely cause some arguments about whether or not one could shoot the model that’s covering it. With edges, these arguments tend to arise a bit less. This makes the generator not only cool, but also very useful on the table. Next to that, it is very big, higher than a TAG, which will allow any model to gain cover behind it. That’s a good thing, especially with Infinity’s cover rules.


The Iguana is dwarfed by the large generator



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