May Preview #5: Nomad Interventors

Nomad Interventors & Fast Pandas

The last release of May are the Nomad Tunguskan Interventors and their Fast Pandas! It is the first release of Tunguska, the upcoming sectorial of the Nomads faction, in a long time and wow! Do they look slick or not?! The Interventors have been a part of the Nomads model range since the early beginnings, but the old models were becoming a bit outdated. Now they got a redesign, a new paintjob, and a new profile as well, since the original Interventors weren’t accompanied by Fast Pandas!

Fast Pandas were first shown during the FicZone seminar and as far as we know at this moment, they will be something similar to Crazy Koalas, those teddybear mines that will hug your leg before they go BOOM. But instead of exploding Teddies, these guys are rumoured to be mobile repeaters, expanding the range of the already amazing Interventors just an little 8 inch radius circle more.

Well, we know we’re excited to see the new profiles of those bad ass Nomad hackers!

Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

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