June Preview #2: Ariadna Scout

The Ariadna Scout is one of the oldest models in the Ariadna range and due for a resculpt. And after that awesome Spetznaz from last month, the Ariadna players have another beautiful model to collect on their shelves! And of course, to use on the table! 😉 It has been shown by Blue Table Painting.

I looks like the Kazaks are getting a bit more futuristic than their previous designs, as his rifle looks more technologically advanced than those of the previous Scouts.


Thijs "Scorch" van Tienen

Infinity enthusiast and longtime cyberpunk fan. Also enjoys some good quality tea and Thai food. Runs Data Sphere together with Arachas.

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  1. October 31, 2014

    […] with the Spetznatz, Scouts and Antipodes the upcoming Russian Kazak sectorials looks to become a wild, fearsome and […]

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