Data-Sphere Painting Campaign ’15 Summer Season Results

ibanezmark(right) & Maxvon_d (left)

ibanezmark(right) & Maxvon_d (left)

With the end of June, we conclude the second season of the Data-Sphere Painting Campaign (DSPC)!

We had an even greater showing than last season with 17 entrants!

As before, there was plenty of international participational and without further adue, here are your winners of the Summer ’15 DSPC!

1st Place (tied): ibanezmark & Maxvon_d

First up, let’s take a look at ibanezmark’s entry: the classic Hac Tao! Here’s some reasons why this entry was so highly voted:

  • Black armor is difficult to get the shading correct with yet was done rather well here.
  • The particular shade of orange is very complimentary to the overall composition.
  • The detail work on the base is realistic and clean, but doesn’t detract from the actual miniature.
  • A lot of freehand work in small places is subtle and belies the scale at which it is done, leading to a great impression, once realized.

Also tied for first place, here is Maxvon_d’s Ajax entry. It might speak for itself, but I’ll make some things clear:

  • The titanium nitride metallics are outstandingly well done.
  • The padded bits of armor and cloth are very well distinguised and have a very soft texture to them that grants them believability.
  • Ajax’s hairline, face, and overall head are fantastic. Highlights, shades, and good color depth bring about this sort of result.
  • The overall composition of the miniature draws the eyes to the right locations to notice all the detail and subtle features, such as the wrinkle at the top of the pant leg, the tendons in his neck and the ALEPH faction symbol freehand.

3rd Place: Kenza


In third place, we have Kenza’s rendition of the N3 Authorized Bounty Hunter. Following in Angel Giraldez’s steps, these reasons stand out for Kenza’s success:

  • The base is very tactfully done with good weathering on both the base and feet of the model.
  • The Non Metallic Metal is replicated quite well from the Giraldez method.

And those are your winners for the Summer ’15 season!

All top placers will be receiving patches to signify their achievements and BOTH first place finishes will also be receiving some Vallejo paints as a bit of an extra reward.


Interested in participating in the next season? Join us in the Miniatures Forum of Data-Sphere! Next season’s, starting July 1 (Whoops! It’s already begun!), theme will be (is):


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5 Responses

  1. hokage says:

    Is it possible to share how hair/hairline on Ajax was achieved.
    It looks great!

  2. Hi, hokage. For Ajax’s hair I painted him bald to start, ie I used flesh tones all over, and then applied a glaze of mid grey until I was happy that it looked like shaved head stubble. You can use the same technique for facial stubble too, btw. If you look very closely you’ll see that I actually started to give him a slight Mohawk but changed my mind and glazed it back again with flesh colour.

    I also used a bit more highlighting on the forehead as skin is smoother and shinier than the head fuzz.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Grimwolf says:

    Fantastic stuff… where would a guy be able to find the details behind these painting campaigns. I am interested in participating in this next season.

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