Alkasyn’s Homebrew Campaign – Mission #4 – Confrontation

Damburg was not an important place. You could even say that it was actually pretty unimportant. Even today I do not know why the battle for it was so fierce. Battle… More like a skirmish, really… Something that today gets a passing mention in a footnote somewhere. I want to remind you about Damburg, however. Not because it was in there that, for the first time, the son of Peleus clashed with an Avatar of the enemy in a deadly dance. I will not tell you about the Defiant Five or about the Last Charge of Homeridae. Being here, you probably have heard those stories already. I will talk to you of something that many of us try to forget about. About Θάνατος that stalks each and every one of us. For it was there in Damburg, while spilling blood upon the dusty streets, that we found out that even the greatest of us can fall. Sit around and listen about Odysseus’ Greatest Sacrifice. When the Morat surrounded us and their heavy support regiments started moving in…

– Aoidos Femios, Temple of Dionysus canteen, Elysium-3, Paradiso


Both players use 300 points to build their forces. You are also allowed to purchase an Operator, who continues the campaign with the accumulated EXP points. Before the mission you can also recruit from the following units, paying the appropriate points cost, as if recruiting them from a general Yu Jing force: Zhanshi/Keisotsu Butai – AVA 3, Haramaki Zensenbutai– AVA 1, Guilang – AVA 1, Wuming – AVA 1, Karakuri – AVA 1, Tokusetsu Butai/Zhanshi Yisheng – AVA 1, Yuriko Oda – AVA 1 and Shaolin Warrior Monks – AVA 3. Any troop profile can be bought, but none of those mercenaries can be the Lieutenant of the force. They are also not allowed to form Link Teams. Both the Combined Army and the Tohaa forces can recruit these additional units. In the first case, for story purposes we treat them as units that have been sepsitorized, possessing no sepsitor benefits, and in the second case as sleeping Triumvirate agents or mercenaries. If the player has bought any Nomad or PanOceania units in the previous missions and they have survived the battle (also through a MEDEVAC or a CUBEVAC roll), the same units (although with possibly different loadouts) can be bought again, paying the appropriate points cost. If the Nomads or PanOceanians have not been recruited, however, the window of opportunity is lost, and the player cannot recruit them anymore.


There is a Tower in the middle of the table. It has two levels. The Tower is protected by an energy barrier. The Tower can only be entered after powering up a Generator and then using one of the two Access Consoles.  

The Generator can be turned on by a Specialist who makes a WIP-3 test in Base to base contact with it. Only after powering up the Generator can the players turn on the Access Consoles. Each player has to activate both the Generator and a Console.
The Generator is located on the right hand side of the player who has the Initiative. The consoles are in the middle of the table, 6 inches from the left and 6 inches from the right edge of the table. The consoles can be activated starting from the 2nd turn. At the end of the Player turn, the console resets and has to be activated again in order to get rid of the energy barrier and be able to enter the Tower.

On the second floor of the Tower is the Target. The Target does not perform any AROs until he is attacked in Close Combat. He cannot be shot at.  He is treated as a „Friendly” Civvie (You Synchronize with him by making a WIP+3 roll in B2B contact, he does not dodge or attack on a failed roll, unless attacked first). His statistics are the same as a Myrmidon Officer’s:

isc cc bs ph wip arm bts w
Myrmidon Officer 17 12 13 14 2 -3 1

Cube 2.0, Fireteam: Enomotarcho , Martial Arts L1, ODD: Optical Disruptor, V: No Wound Incapacitation, DA CCW



Specialist: In this mission, Hackers, Engineers, Forward Observers, Doctors, Paramedics and Chain of Command units are considered Specialists. Unless specified otherwise, Repeaters and G:Servants can be used to perform the mission objectives.


„Power overwhelming”
Powering up the Generator – 2 Victory Points, only possible to be obtained once by the first player to do the objective

„An opening”
Turning off of the Energy Barrier– 1 Victory Point, possible to be obtained by both players

Forcing the Target into Null state via Close Combat – 4 Victory Points

Be in Synchronization with the Target at the end of the game. Only a Specialist and the Lieutenant of the force can perform this Objective –  7 Victory Points

The mission ends after 3 turns. If any of the players is in Retreat!, the mission ends that game turn, after both players have played their turns.


The Spec Ops uses the advancement rules from Campaign:Paradiso. If he dies and the MEDEVAC and CUBEVAC rolls are failed, the next Spec Ops has half the EXP points of the fallen one. The EXP points can be used to buy new skills for the Spec Ops or new Command and Control options. Models that exit the table due to Retreat! Rules, do not have to roll for MEDEVAC or CUBEVAC are considered alive and well.sci_fi_by_jsek-d4g0p1f

                       Short staccato of rifle fire and echo of distant explosions could still be heard around the tower. The forces of the Commander were doing what they were here to do. He himself could not hear it anymore, however. He was climbing the meandering stairs of the tower, his pistol aimed in front of him, eyes scanning for possible targets. From what the eggheads said, the thing that was locked in the control  room upstairs could very well upset the fragile status quo of the planet, as well as possibly influence the Phantom Conflict itself…  
                       Its walls faintly lit by the dim blue light seeping lazily from the walls, the Tower was completely cut off from the outside world. No interference was welcome here and it was fairly obvious. that whoever constructed the building made it very sure that access would not be easy. The Commander’s climb was finally over when he stopped at a door. Purest Teseum, if his scanner was to be trusted. The frame itself must have been worth a fortune. The Commander touched the console pad and quickly entered the code his forces obtained at the Data Bank. Hehesitated before pressing the ENTER button. Lhuznitsyn, von Ackerman, Wei Liang… All of that seems so long ago already…
                     He finally touched the button. The mechanism groaned, it seems it hadn’t seen any use for a number of years.  The walls of the Tower echoed with the noise. The Commander slipped though the half-open door into the room beyond. It was in stark contrast with the rest of the building – the walls were decorated with colourful tapestries, the floor was a complex flower mosaic and the interior was littered with odd, yet familiar looking statues of people in historical costumes. The Animus of the Commander told him that the design made it look like they were from an area known as Khorfu, wherever it was. He pushed the unimportant info to the side of his HUD. Scanning with his gun sight, he finally found what he was looking for, standing in the centre of the room.
                       There was a man was standing next to one of the tapestries. Tall in stature, his neck was large and his chest wide. His shoulders broad, his thighs and his legs powerful. Black hair cascaded from his head in long, wild curls. An android, not a man, the Commander corrected himself silently. He aimed at the prisoner, who turned to him, smiling broadly.
                      – I can indeed understand that after years of solitude, I am to be forgotten by both Gods and Men – he was speaking with a weird accent, as if human language eluded him after so many years in captivity. His voice, however, was booming in the chamber, oratory skills no doubt being part of the design of his Lhost –  Am I to understand that the deeds of the son of Laertes are already forgotten in the world? – he straightened up and extended his hand to the Commander – Come now, friend, lower your weapon. Surely thou are not here to abduct me like some kind of a feeble wife? Such a thing can lead to a lot more than one is ready for, as Paris has unfortunately learned…
                    Theoretical: A shot into his transmitter, barely visible on the temple of the android’s head. Then followed by two shots into the body, a little to the left where if he were human his heart would be. The AIs, with all their computational power and groundbreaking ideas, were still very conservative when it comes to design parameters. Three shots in total and the target’s eliminated.
                      The Commander took a deep breath and made up his mind. He holstered his gun and grabbed the hand of the Prisoner in a firm grip.
                   – Glad to have you back, Odysseus. Time to get out of here.

Download link can be found here:!0dFixIBb!Gzl6uwp4u_X6Y5YNcIN5iCE0Luh8s2U4YQZ_UfNBgCE

Patrycjusz 'Alkasyn' Piechowski

Warcor for Warsaw, Poland. Plays Haqqislam, USARF and Tohaa. Enjoys S-F books and board games. Owner of blog about Infinity locales in Central and Eastern Europe

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  1. Sean Schoonmaker says:

    Love the Odysseus reveal. I was VERY put off that CB had eliminated him permanently from the Greek recreations, and will always harbor the hope that we’ll see him again in an official way!

  2. Patrycjusz 'Alkasyn' Piechowski says:

    I always say “never say never” and I believe both Menelaos and Odysseus are mentioned in the lore for a reason – much like the Tohaa was in the 2nd edition book.

    I remember reading about the Tohaa for the first time and I thought that it’d be really cool to have them as a playable race. Lo and behold, they’re in the game and I have a small army of them 2 years later 🙂

  3. Szorstki Fred says:

    It would be really nice to get a neat download for this part too.. pretty please?

    p.s. Really great stuff, looking forward to play the whole thing now 🙂

  4. Patrycjusz 'Alkasyn' Piechowski says:

    I updated the post with a dl link – there will also be a post sometime in the near future summing up the campaign with all the links in one place. Glad you liked it 🙂

    Btw, if you want the campaign in Polish, I also have it available since that’s the original language.

  5. Szorstki Fred says:

    Nah, game is in English, so is the campaign. I don’t see a problem.
    Thanks for the link!

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