News for Sectorials in Acheron Falls!

Infinity 3rd Edition

We know the much anticipated Acheron Falls will bring a lot of new sectorials for us, but we never knew quite what to expect.

Until now.

Below, I have a list of all the sectorials being considered and/or confirmed for Acheron Falls or possibly later releases. Keep your pants on or find   a suitable place to express yourself; this is going to get exciting. We’ll do this in a nice and orderly fashion. No pushing.



First, what’s in store for the Hyperpower, PanOceania? Svaralheima gets their own force to bring to bear. This makes sense with the amazing story written out in the new Operation: Icestorm.


Nomad Interventors & Fast Pandas

Speaking of Operation: Icestorm, the Nomads get themselves a nice set of reinforcement through the aid of Tunguska! Nothing too spectacular here as we’ve seen a marked increase in Tunguskan releases of late. What you may not have known is that Fernando Liste is seriously pushing for a Black Hand sectorial. Nothing is final right now, but let’s hope he succeeds!

Yu Jing


picture by GenericsPic

Now on to Yu Jing. Fernando mentioned an “Emperor’s Army” during our chat on Saturday night. This could easily have been the “Invincible Army” and I just misheard him due to the noisy cocktail lounge we were in. Also coming is the Yu Jing based on Svaralheima. Don’t tell me you aren’t excited!


USAriadna Grunts courtesy of Cervantes

picture by Cervantes

But… What about the lost colony, Ariadna? While I’m sure we all suspect it, it’s been confirmed Ariadna will be getting two sectorials: the brave USAriadnans and the proud Kazaks. We had a short preview of the USAriadnan line infantry: the Grunt. The Russians have been getting their own releases recently as well, with things like the Spetznas and Scouts.



picture by MayaCast

Not to be left behind, the Haqqislam nation is bringing along their Khanate and Caliphate sectorials in a large show of power. It will certainly be interesting to see what niches these guys will fill.


Vedic SSS

Ah, but watching over the Human Sphere is ALEPH, who let’s the clandestine Special Situations Subsection (or S.S.S) take care of their behind-the-scenes business. All those Vedic models will finally get a home to call their own! Unfortunately, Fernando mentioned something about them possibly not making it into Acheron Falls due to time and space considerations. But fret not! They will certainly be coming out in the future.

Combined Army


But let’s not forget humanity’s alien nemesis: The Combined Army of the Evolved Intelligence. I hope by now you’ve seen the pictures we’ve posted on Data-Sphere. With the release of this new starter and after discussing it over with Fernando, we’ve confirmed a release of the Sygmaa as a sectorial. Following along with them is the Evolved Intelligence’s own army of machines and drones to take the field.



What better to combat this new EI threat than the hardened forces of the Tohaa? A currently unnamed sectorial will arrive in the future to supplement the (currently) small force of Tohaa known to humanity.

But, oh, you think that’s all?

No no no, my dear friends of the ‘Sphere. Remember, you heard it here first:

The Mercenaries are confirmed to receive their own sectorials. Boom.



First up, one that everyone was likely to suspect: The White Stars. Famous employees consist of Joe “Scarface” Turner and his sister Cordelia Turner along with the morally questionable Druze. What else is going to be included with these guns for hire? Who knows…

Not done quite yet! There’s also a mysterious sectorial that is said to be led by one John Hawkwood. You’ll have to forgive my muddiness here in the intel. I had had a drink and the cigar smoke was getting to me by this point. That’s all the intel I have on this guy’s forces. Interestingly enough, if you read the wikipedia entry about Sir Hawkwood, he led a group called the White Company. Possible relations with the White Stars? Hmm…

Fernando also hinted at a good possibility of more merc sectorials in the future as well as making mercenaries playable for ITS. Perhaps a Beylan Resources merc unit consisting of expanded Kaplans was discussed, though not confirmed.

*hush hush*

hush hush

Now, there are more surprises in store for us, of course. Unfortunately, Fernando bade I remain silent on the matter. I can just say… it’s both Infinity and yet not Infinity. A tease for you.

Something else: Fernando discussed a slight wavering in his decision making process and was unsure if he’d release Acheron Falls before or after Human Sphere ver. N3. Scott (Wax on the forums) and I urged him to release Acheron Falls first. He took our request and will see what he can do. Let’s cross our fingers!

If you’d like to know more about GenCon and any of the intel I managed to mine out, see my thread here on the forums: The Scoop on GenCon


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17 Responses

  1. Myrddin says:

    Nice article, definitely a lot of interesting things to come. On the subject of Acheron Falls vs Human Spehere: N3 it would make sense for CB to update the book with all the sectorial rules before adding new sectorial armies but I think that it would disappoint a lot of people.

    Also this sort of confirms that the current Human Sphere, and possibly Paradiso, will become obsolete in the not too distant future.

    • dulydude says:

      i always thought that this might be the case; i mean they would need to update the profiles somehow

    • Claudius Sol says:

      That’s actually an interesting thing. Perhaps the Human Sphere N3 will simply just be an update to the current print and merely involve some profile changes and perhaps a clean-up of the rules wording. If that happens to be the case, such an update wouldn’t take very long at all.

  2. Tony2805 says:

    Hhmmmm, something Infinity and not Infinity…..maybe another Game in the Infinity Universe? Space Combat or Aristea? Interesting…….

    • Scorch says:

      Infinity RPG!!! (speculating!)

      • Gullinbursti says:

        My guess would also be an Infinity RPG, with the amount of love they give their fluff, an RPG seems like it would be a natural expansion for something that is Infinity, but isn’t Infinity (the Game).

    • Claudius Sol says:

      My lips are sealed! If you enjoy Infinity, I’m sure you’ll be excited about the news when it’s revealed.

  3. kristoph09tailz says:

    Very excited
    N3 full rulebook soon please ? Also does corvus plan on letting us have the qsr or any free material soon? I need it for my burgeoning infinity club in Victoria.

    • Claudius Sol says:

      I know how you feel! Exciting time for Infinity players.

      The QSR and other things should be available, I’d imagine, the same time as N3 releasing. If you have Icestorm, the QSR isn’t really much different, if at all.

  4. Dozer says:

    I want me some N3 and I’m drooling over the current direction of the minis. Tunguska and Svaralheima – yes please.

    Infinity RPG would be brilliant but if they did do so I’d hope they would go in the same direction as Privateer Press when it came to fluff that was everyday or outside of the current series of conflicts that make up the table top wargame. Priavteer Press have been doing a great job with filling all the blanks between their Warmachine/Hordes books and that’s really helped with thier RPG.

    Expanding more on history, politics, crime, corps(mega or otherwise). They have enough fluff for the tabletop but if they decide to put out an RPG – and I hope they do. They will need to really mine the creative lead’s (his name escapes me at this time) knowledge filled mind – or they should upload his Cube. Infinity is my favorite miniature wargame, and the idea of spending more time using my minis with my other hobbies sounds awesome… as long as it is done to the same quality.

    • Dozer says:

      Gutier Lusquiños Rodríguez – damn I’m suffering from the dumb. Sorry.

    • Claudius Sol says:

      If they did an RPG, I’d trust it would be in good hands. Corvus hasn’t let me down too far in recent memory and have really been doing a spectacular job.

      I, unfortunately, was not afforded an opportunity to meet Gutier.

      • Dozer says:

        I also think those folks at CB know quality. Its evident with all their products. I justr hope that they learn and use the lessons that other similar companies have already experienced.

        GW did not merge their Table Top and RPG well both times before Fantasy Flight took over the RPG side of thier house. It was a mistake to not take advanatge of the miniatures and the hobby side of the IP when they put out WFRPG and the various 40k RPGs.

        Privateer Press on the other hand with a younger IP really took advantage of their table top game leveraging it to make their RPG both unique and full bodied in mechanics and fluff equaly.

        I think the Spec Ops rules are a good indication on how they mechanicaly would develop a Character in an Infinity RPG. It’s basic but the seperation of abilities, equipment and attributes – there is something there in how a Spec Op grows. I think the large gap they have is the day to day person – those that are ignorant to the conflic in the shaodws of Infinity. There is more on the pay per breath and the hardship of the average Nomad then their is on the average citizen of Pan O – simply because Nomad life is interesting and unique to that faction. Fleshing them out as more then simple space folks who like the people in the Battlestar Galactica Colonial Fleet.

        When or If Covus Beli does do an RPG I am fully confident that Gutier Lusquiños Rodríguez brain like wiki on the setting will be used to guide the staff to create a brilliant RPG in a very compelling tabel top setting.

  5. Ash says:

    For a summer release, Acheron falls will sell more models, hence make more money. A Human Sphere Release is good for a cool sales period like October or November so long as they put some resculpts/LEs alongside it.

    Do the right thing CB, follow the money.

    • Scorch says:

      Mid-Summer release will screw up the ITS season, which works from January till December.
      From what I know CB is having a hard time keeping up with demand already; stock in the Netherlands has been very low and I’ve been waiting for an order since February, and those were not new releases.
      Creating more demand and selling even more models might be too much, and put them under completely… and I would NOT want that to happen. I hope they get up to strength first before dropping another BIG release like Acheron Falls. Follow the money, but don’t break your back carrying all that cash. 😉

      Having said that, I share your enthusiasm! I’ve been looking forward to AF for a long time already!

  1. August 24, 2014

    […] Head on over to read more. News for Sectorials in Acheron Falls! – Data Sphere. […]

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