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Morat battle log (7/27 VS ASA with photos!)

PostPosted: July 20th, 2014, 5:03 am
by jake
I've decided to start posting a log of my Morat games.

Date: 7/19
Match: Morats Vs Haqq
Mission: 200 points of Murder

Morat list: Daturazi w/Chain Rifle x 2, Suryat HMG LT, Yaogat Spitfire, Anyat, Vanguard, Vanguard HMG, Zerat Combi/LFT.

Haqq list: Hunzakut Sniper, Al Hawa Sniper, Lasiq Viral Sniper, Taureg Sniper, Hassassin Fiday w/Mines, Ghulam x 2, Naffatun

Notable actions: I got a little lucky with the Fiday. I had placed my Zerat to keep an eye on him, but he ended up taking her out without any real effort and moving to ambush my Yaogat around a corner with a mine and rifle shots. The Yaogat managed to survive both and put the Fiday down.

I had placed my Vanguard link prone on top of a tall building, thinking they'd be safe from his Lasiq sniper, who was on a lower building and couldn't draw line of fire. Unfortunately his Taureg appeared on a rocky spire in the middle of the board, butting down both my Vanguard HMG and Anyat and surviving all return fire.

Daturazi smoke allowed my Yaogat to take out the Taureg, although his first round of shots all missed despite being within his +3 range. His next target was the camo marker which turned out to be a Hunzakut, which he killed as well. he went down to the A Hawaa's mines on the following turn.

After getting two kills with the Yaogat I decided to end my turn by moving my Suryat up to take shots at the Lasiq. The Suryat was in his +3 range and the Lasiq had no cover, so I felt pretty confident about the shot. And he rolled 4 hits! But... my opponent rolled a crit, and the Suryat failed his 10+ BTS role.

On my final turn, in Retreat and LoL, I misjudged my chain rifle distances and wasted orders moving my Daturazi up and arranging so they could fire through smoke at his Al Hawaa. I failed the WIL role and was unable to fire, and the Al Hawwa placed a mine. I moved my second Daturazi out of smoke for a clear shot, but the Al Hawaa survived, and both Daturazi were caught in the mine blast and died. In hindsight I should have smoked my Daturazi into CC with the Al Hawaa, and then moved through cover toward the Lasiq. Killing the Al Hawaa would have put his forces into retreat, and his other three models were already clinging to the board edge. So I think I maybe had a good chance of winning the game and lost it for myself right there.

Winner: Haqq

Re: Morat battle log (7/27 VS ASA with photos!)

PostPosted: July 28th, 2014, 7:23 am
by jake
Date: 7/24
Match: Morats Vs ASA
Mission: 300 points YAMS


Morat list: Daturazi Chain Rifle, Suryat HMG, Yaogat Spitfire, Yaogat LT, Anyat, Vanguard, Vanguard HMG, Zerat Combi/LFT, Pretas x 4, Obsidian Mechanoid, Rasyat Spitfire.

ASA list: Gaurda de Assaulto, Regular link w/Spitfire, Nagas x2, Akalis Commandos x2, etc.

Notable actions: I ended up with an interesting selection of mission cards, one requiring me to kill an enemy within LOS of the civilian and the other requiring me to kill the civilian herself.. The civilie ended up on top of a low building, with a walkway leading right to my deployment zone. My opponent won initiative and deployed first. I set up to have an easy run at the civilie, but I was afraid that my opponent would realize what I was up to and take her out. He ended up ignoring her and instead setting up a killing field of mines and Suppression Fire in the area around the civie.


I had only lost a single Zerat (to a Naga) on my opponents turn, but at the beginning of my turn all 4 Pretas ran into the kill zone he had set up and died, leaving behind a few mines in awkward and easy to avoid spots. With my regular orders I was able to move my Vanguard link forward and up onto a shipping crate, where they were able to shoot down a Naga, two members of the Regular link and the Civie, fulfilling two of my missions and netting me two points. Over the next two turns that killed the other three Regulars, two Akalis Commandos and the Trauma Doc.


On the second turn my opponent brought on his Akalis Commandos. The first one stepped onto the board edge in just slightly the wrong place, and got a Panzerfaust shot AROP from my Lieutenant. He was more careful with his second Akal, making sure none of my guys had LOS. He used teh model to quickly mow down my Lieutenant and my HMG Vanguard before running out of orders.

One of my missions was to kill at least two models in close Combat. With my Pretas dead, only my Daturazi was in a good position to do this. I spent a good chunk of orders on my first turn moving him up the far right flank of the board toward the only nearby model, the Guarda De Assaulto. Using smoke to get close, the Daturazi was able to kill the Auzbot first, than the Guarda himself, causing a Crit with his final CC action! In teh next turn he moved on to kill the Machinist and a Bagh Mari, before dying to a Naga (who he also killed).


Winner: Morats

I played the last two turns in LOL, but still managed to put my opponent into retreat and LoL, eventually eliminating his entire force. I was able to score three points for my missions. My opponent wasn't able to complete any of his missions. One of his (which he revealed before play started) involved eliminating 50% of my force, and another involved making a WIL roll against a scenery element in the middle of the board. I think he just forgot about that one.