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Morat letter writing campaign

PostPosted: April 27th, 2016, 3:00 am
by jake
Hi, my name is Jake Richmond. I’m starting a small letter writing campaign to the Corvus Belli design team concerning the current state of Morats. I’m pretty disappointed with the changes (and lack of changes) to MAF in HSN3, and after discussing this over the last week with about 20 other Morat players who have similar feelings I've decided that it might be worthwhile to let Corvus belli know what we think (in a resptful and polite way)

While Morats are undeniably better off than they were before, I feel like the new HSN3 book just hasn’t address a lot of the army’s long standing problems, and several units that needed fixes are still in very poor shape. While I wouldn’t expect CB to make any sweeping changes, I think it might be valuable to them to know that many of the people who actually play Morats are dissatisfied and disappointed. My hope is that CB might rethink their approach to Morats and either make some small changes or at least consider what we have to say in the future when expanding the sectorial.

If you agree that the MAF sectorial army could still use some work please consider sending a letter to Corvus Belli. I’ve written a short and simple letter that you can copy and paste. Please feel free to change it in any way you like, or to write something else entirely. Please make sure to be polite. Rudeness is just an invitation to ignore what we have to say. If you have specific changes you would like to see, feel free to add them in.

You’ll want to send the letter to this address:

Please use the heading “Concerning Morats”

Thanks so much for your interest and support, or at least for taking the time to read this message.

* If you don't agree at all and think Morats are fine as they are, thats totally fine. Opinions, experience and playstyles vary. I'm certainly not looking to start an argument, so please accept that this letter writing campaign just isn't for you. I'm happy to discuss this by private message, but I'd very much like to keep this thread free of arguments and reserve it for discussion among people who do want to see changes (small or large) within MAF. If you're more interested in constructive arguing (which can be fun and worthwhile. there's a pair of very good threads on teh subject over on the Infinity forum, and i think thats a great place to voice your opinion.

Here’s the letter:

To the Infinity design team.

My name is ____ ________. I'm an Infinity fan and a long time Morat player. I have a lot of respect and admiration for both the way you run your company and the game you've designed, so please believe me when I say that this letter I written to you out of my enthusiasm and appreciation for Infinity and the Morat sectorial army. I am disappointed with the direction you chose to take with the Morat sectorial army in Human Sphere N3. I firmly believe that the MAF army has been under powered since it's inception in the original Human Sphere book. In fact, for most of it's existence MAF has been considered one of the weakest (if not THE weakest) sectorial army in the game. For years the Infinity community has discussed and argued about how the army could be changed and fixed, and while we don't always agree on the nature of the changes we'd like to see, the general consensus is that MAF is a very underpowered army and that it needed strong improvements. We were all hoping that HSN3 would finally bring those improvements, and I'm very disappointed to see that this just hasn't been the case. While Morats are undeniably better off than they were pre-HSN3, in my opinion the new book has failed to address many of the long standing problems with Morats.

I'm writing this letter to ask you to consider looking at MAF again and fixing the army once and for all. While it's not my place to suggest changes, I do believe that several units including the Zerat, Sogarat, Kurgat, Raktorak, Oznat, Yaogat and the Raicho need to be majorly revised. The Zerat, Raicho and Sogarat especially under perform in their given roles. I'd also like you to consider reducing the cost of the Morat ability on some units who are unlikely to ever benefit from the rule.

If you're interested in seeing specific suggestions you can find several discussions on the Infinity forum. I'd recommend this one: ... f-spoilers

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

- Signed.

Re: Morat letter writing campaign

PostPosted: April 27th, 2016, 3:31 am
by ARCangel
I'd remove the "While it's not my place to suggest changes," part. It is your place, you're a player and a customer and you have the right to be heard in your complaints with a system or a game. Don't bow your head, hold it high. I'm not really sure what's wrong with Morat, nor do I play CA but that's just something I noticed that I thought needed a comment.

Re: Morat letter writing campaign

PostPosted: April 27th, 2016, 3:36 am
by jake
I appreciate that thought, and I'd encourage anyone to change the letter in the way you suggested. For me though, I really don't think suggesting changes is super helpful. There's am axiom in writing that when someone points out a problem they're usually correct that the problem exists, but their solution usually isn't any good. And as a game designer I believe in that. And since the people at CB are much better at game design than I am I personally think it's best to point out the problems I see and let them come up with solutions (if they agree that there are problems at all).

But thats just me.