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Infinity multiplayer systems - 3+ players?

PostPosted: February 19th, 2015, 11:02 am
by MonkeyDispenser
Hi folks,

It often turns out that I have an odd number of Infinity players around, or folks that would like to give it a go without the pressure of playing one-on-one with an experienced player.

Does anyone have experience of playing Infinity with 3 or more players? Ideally some 3 player missions that others have found give a fairly balanced and fun experience for all involved?

Many thanks...

Re: Infinity multiplayer systems - 3+ players?

PostPosted: February 19th, 2015, 3:54 pm
by Claudius Sol
Could play a rock-paper-scissors type match where each person has one target.

Annihilation where your "opponent" sits to the right.

Or a simple King-Of-The-Hill. One objective "zone" in the center worth 4 objective points. You get 1 Objective point for every 100 points of an opponent's army that is in a Null State?

Just some ideas.

Re: Infinity multiplayer systems - 3+ players?

PostPosted: February 19th, 2015, 3:58 pm
by CoveredInFish
I played several games with 3 players where one player with 300 pts played versus 2 allied players with 150 pts each. Works fine and doesn't through the balance off.

Playing 3 factions against each other is difficult to balance because you get much more AROs than in a standard game.

Re: Infinity multiplayer systems - 3+ players?

PostPosted: February 19th, 2015, 7:04 pm
by Harlekin
We often play YAMS in 'strike left' mode: for every objective card your enemy is the player to your left.
Works quite fine.

Re: Infinity multiplayer systems - 3+ players?

PostPosted: February 20th, 2015, 9:40 am
by MonkeyDispenser
Yeah, hadn't considered the potential problem of 3 factions creating an unmanageable number of AROs. Could certainly see that becoming a problem if attempting 300pt matches. Perhaps not so bad around the starter-level game sizes, which will often be the case with interested parties.

Like the idea of king-of-the hill. That sounds pretty simple to implement and introduces missions rather than just being a death-match. Plus it would force all of the players to converge and fight it out. Squads could be tailored to the experience level of the players too.


Re: Infinity multiplayer systems - 3+ players?

PostPosted: February 20th, 2015, 10:38 am
by CoveredInFish
There is the hunger games mission, I below its from novaOpen. It's a special kind of last man standing and its multiplayer.

Best link I could find might be this. ... =56&t=1908

Re: Infinity multiplayer systems - 3+ players?

PostPosted: September 17th, 2015, 5:40 am
by Section9
Found an idea for a small 4-player game from a recent "Daisho" game battle report. Daisho is a samurai game written by the same guys as "In Her Majesty's Name", and is intended for small gangs and more for narrative campaigns than one-off games.

Translating from Daisho to Infinity:
The Honja Monastery from a recon drone before the fighting:

Army Patrol Briefing:
You are one of the Leaders of the Army Patrols which watch over the border areas of the province upholding the Government's authority and seeking out those who would disturb the peace, especially those damned rebels who have begun to infest the hills around Honja. You are keen to return to your duties.

Before you can do so you are approached by a senior advisor to the General, he wishes to speak with you. From him you learn that the General has reason to believe that the intruders who attacked the Patrol in the forest were working for the Abbot at Honja. The prisoner they captured is even now being held under guard within the Monastery grounds.

It would do much to restore the honour of the Government if that prisoner could be recovered and returned to the General dead or alive, by force if necessary.

You have no love for the Monks at Honja. They not only attacked your patrol in the village but stood by and watched as your men fought the Ninja in the forest. You would welcome an opportunity to seek your revenge.

Your Patrol is 250 points worth of experienced warriors.

Returning with the prisoner alive is worth 4 VPs, dead he is worth 1 VP.

Capturing a live Rebel prisoner for further questioning is worth 2 VPs.

Gang Briefing:
You are the leader of a group of dissolute psychopathic thugs who specialise in spreading havoc and living off frightened peasants and villagers and indulge your taste for alcohol and drugs.

This also provides cover for you to carry out other more clandestine and lucrative missions for select clients, in this case your uncle the General with whom you are out of favour at present. It is essential that you regain his respect by completing this mission.

Your deputy and cousin is being held prisoner under guard in the Monastery at Honja. He must be rescued or silenced. Returned alive he is worth 40 VPs, dead only 1 VP.

You are aware that a Clan Patrol has been dispatched to the Monstery to demand the prisoner’s return. It would be quite a coup if you could slip in and rescue the prisoner while the monks are distracted by the Patrol. You and your men are currently hiding in the orchard to the north of the Monastery awaiting the best moment to strike.

You have a group of toughs and a few real warriors worth 200 points.

Monk Briefing:
You are a Senior Monk in the Monastery at Honja. The Abbot has been called away urgently on business and you have been left in charge to guard the prisoner captured by the ninja in the forest. He is bound and gagged and locked in one of the storehouses under guard. It is imperative that he remains in custody.

To complicate matters, the Leader of a group of armed peasant rebels has recently arrived with some of his men for a previously arranged meeting with the Abbot. They are being kept out of sight in the Abbot’s house since it would not do for the General’s men to learn of such contacts between the Monastery and the rebels.

The Monastery’s own loyal peasants are at work in the fields. They can be called upon to aid the defence of the Monastery if required but are not very effective fighters (use civilian profiles).

Let us pray it remains a quiet day.

Holding the prisoner alive at the end of the day is worth 40 VPs.

You have a force of 250 points of Warrior Monks (use standard Infinity troop profiles, probably no HI, but MI are definitely possible) plus about 10 loyal villagers working in the fields.

Rebel Briefing:
You are the Leader of a small group of peasant rebels gathering in the hills above Honja, men who are tired of the abuse and cruelty of the Government, men who are willing to give their lives to overthrow the government rule. But there are few of you and you need weapons and armour.

You have arranged to meet with the Abbot at Honja. He is sympathetic to the suffering of the peasants and may be able to help arm and supply your men. He has also acquired a prisoner who may have intelligence about the General’s plans to counter the rebellion. It is imperative that you get the chance to question the prisoner for yourself.

At the moment, you are waiting for the Abbot’s return out of sight in the Abbot’s house. You are keeping watch for trouble and have just noticed men moving through the orchard when the Army Patrol arrives at the Monastery gate. Something is about to happen but what?

You will gain 40 VPs and the Abbot’s aid if the prisoner is still in the Monastery’s custody at the end of the day.

You have a force worth 175 points of mainly armed peasants (use basic trooper, Volunteer/Metro, or Ghazi Muttawi'ah profiles) as no trained soldiers have yet joined your cause.