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News regarding Official Forum and Data Sphere

PostPosted: July 31st, 2014, 4:33 pm
by Scorch
By Koni:
In light of the intense clamor following our announcement of an imminent closure of the forum, the Corvus Belli team have decided to heed the voice of the Infinity community. This means the two Official Forums (international and Spanish-language) will remain open and active as official hubs for players and fans.

We at CB are moved by the reaction of the community, which demonstrates your concern for Infinity as a game and as a hobby whose dimension transcends the game table. That so many of you would feel so deeply involved with the Infinity universe and its community is immensely gratifying to us, as it reflects our own feelings about this game.

We initially felt that closing the forums was a regrettable but necessary decision, but your strong opposition has convinced us that we must find another way. The forums will remain open, but some technical readjustments will be forthcoming in order to guarantee the smooth running of the website despite its massive traffic.

Our reversal does not in any way mean that we withdraw our support of the and forums. On the contrary, we believe the Infinity community deserves quality alternate spaces to grow and communicate freely, and we will endeavor to provide these forums with all our help and support.

Additionally, we emphasize that the performance of or has not affected our decision. In fact, we apologize to them for this step back and appreciate the work they have been doing these past few weeks to welcome Infinity community.