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Leaving Feedback

PostPosted: January 27th, 2013, 5:32 pm
by kidterminal
When leaving feedback on trades completed/uncompleted, please ensure you follow the following guidelines !

01. Ensure you leave feedback for the CORRECT MEMBER (ensure the spelling of the username is 100% correct !).

02. If the member you have completed a trade with does not appear within the thread, then please create a new post with the title being the members 'exact' username.
Copy & paste the piece of code from 'Step 3' into the message body...

03. Please copy & paste the following piece of code and amend appropriately...


Feedback on Trade

Delivery time: (insert feedback here)
Condition of packaging: (insert feedback here)
Condition of items: (insert feedback here)
Recommendation: (insert feedback here)

If 'negative feedback is to be left, change 'recommendation colour to 'Red'