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[H]: Infinity(YuJing, Haqq, PanO, Aleph) [W]: $$$, Infinity

PostPosted: February 5th, 2017, 4:34 am
by Archaniel

First off, bear with me, the legalities :
1 - Items sold as seen, unless otherwise agreed
2 - I will ship once payment is received. If you are unsure you can use Paypal's business option, at your charge. (only around 3% of total payment)
3 - Not comfy with trades but if we do, posting must happen same day.
4 - I already traded a bit and got some reviews here and there but maybe not enough to your taste. If you are unsure of the deal, please refer to point 2.
5 - Package will be sent within 2 days time tops, from Canada.
6 - To facilitate things, prices are in US dollars.
7 - I can strip the miniatures for you if you prefer, but only if deal is made.
8 - Shipping is not included

So, here are the goods :

Some items have custom bases. If not, a standard base is included.

Each lot added is 149$. If you take all, I will let it go for 130$

Singles :
Tohaa Diplomat : 4$ painted

PanOceania lot : 40$ (less than 4$ per mini with a TAG!)
PanO Jotum : complete, painted, assembled, some pieces were broken in previous transport but nothing some pinning cannot heal (can pin for you)
PanO Fusilier OOP (raised arm) : painted
Guarda de Assolto : soldier only painted, pose converted
PanO Spec Ops : painted
2 Angus Dire Foes Fusiliers : primed
3 Pano Fusiliers I:O : NIB
3 Kamau : two converted HMG'S
ORC OOP with spitfire conversion, broken hand.

Yu Jing lot : 50$ (less than 4$ per mini, with Red Veil Ninja!)
Operation Red Veil Ninja : NIB
Hsien Red Veil : NIB
2 Zanshi Red Veil : NIB
Tiger Warrior Red Veil : NIB
Kempetai : painted
Daofei HMG converted painted
2 Bao converted heads
keisotsu Missile Launcher converted
3 Kuang Shi Chain rifles : painted
Tiger Soldier Boarding Shotgun OOP
Ninja CCW

Haqqislam lot : 55$ (less than 4$ per mini, with LE YuanYuan and new Haqq Starter!)
Yuan Yuan Limited Edition Red Veil
Haqq Starter (NEW 6 models) : NIB
2 Ragiks (wings bits broken, can pin if asked)
Azra Il Feuerbach OOP
Ghulam Female OOP
3 Ghulams OOP (some converted)
2 KTS combi rifle

Wants :

I prefer cash as it is easier to make a deal. Payment would be through Paypal
Infinity :
Preferably all new sculpts. Almost any of the following :
Yu Jing (no Red Veil)
PanO (no O:I)
Ariadna (no USARF army box)
Nomads (no O:I)


Re: [H]: Infinity(YuJing, Haqq, PanO, Aleph) [W]: $$$, Infin

PostPosted: March 29th, 2017, 1:32 pm
by Archaniel
prices updated :-)

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Re: [H]: Infinity(YuJing, Haqq, PanO, Aleph) [W]: $$$, Infin

PostPosted: April 19th, 2017, 6:06 pm
by zagdag
Pm sent

Re: [H]: Infinity(YuJing, Haqq, PanO, Aleph) [W]: $$$, Infin

PostPosted: May 11th, 2017, 3:43 pm
by Archaniel
prices updated!

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