Bases: Official Rules Update from Corvus Belli

Kum Rider on a 55mm Base

With the introduction of the Haqqislamic Kum Rider on a 55mm base there has been some insecurity on the forums. Today, Corvus Belli came out with an official announcement about their base-sizes.

So here are the changes: (announced by Koni, Data Sphere will update if more news is made available)


Ghost-Servant miniatures (like Palbots): 25mm Base

“Human” miniatures (the standard ones)25mm Base

Basic Remotes (like Yaokong or Dronbots): 40mm Base

Special Remotes: Changes to 55mm Base

  • Yaoxie
  • Yáopú Pangguling
  • Every motorbike (Kum, Pentesilea, Aragotos, Asuka Kisaragi)
  • Traktor Mul
  • Mulebots
  • Armbots: Bulleteer
  • Armbots: Peacemaker
  • Kameel
  • Salyut Zonds
  • Tsyklon Sputnik
  • Lunokhod Sputnik
  • Probots

***Obsidon Medchanoid keeps their 40mm base***

Big “Human” miniatures (like Ayax or Tarik):  40mm Base

 –TAG: keeps their 40mm Base:

  • Geckos
  • Sphinx

TAG: Everyone (except the mentioned before) change to 55mm base.

The new 55mm bases will be included in the references that needs that size of base from May on.

This will force some of us to rebase their models, which isn’t all that great for some of us. Still I think it’s a great way to bring some consistency within the game, seeing all the different base-sizes, base extensions included. Now we only have to wait for some extra information about the Su Jian, the Sogarat carrying the HMG and the Magharabi Guard, whose base size is more like 80 than 55mm.

The new rules are not a necessity in ITS 2014, so you’re still allowed to game within the Official Tournament System and will not be excluded because you don’t carry the right base. There hasn’t been any official announcement on ITS 2015 though, so let’s hope CB will figure something out before then to avoid inconsistency. Also, I hope Corvus Belli will let their partners like Micro Arts Studios make some 55mm resin bases, like they already did for other sizes.

Also, with the April news, Corvus Belli will launch 3 new products:

Blister with 20 x 25mm Bases  3.50€

-Blister with 5 x 40mm Bases    3.50€

-Blister with 5 x 55mm Bases    3.50€

This way people can find the right size of base, 55mm, which isn’t a size that can be found easily.


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